Best Riverwalks in the US

Riverwalks offer visitors the perfect blend of scenic beauty, urban charm, and tranquil ambiance. Riverwalks provide an idyllic escape from the bustling city while showcasing a unique perspective on local architecture, culture, and history. Riverwalks continue to captivate and delight visitors meandering along the serene waterfront pathways, savoring food at riverside eateries, or simply reveling in the gentle lapping of the water.

  • Savannah Riverwalk

    Savannah Riverwalk

    In Savannah, town squares dot the downtown with large oak trees accentuating the historic buildings, while horse-drawn carriages take the traveler on tour. Then there’s the Savannah Riverwalk, a cobblestone street with old trolley tracks running down it. Southern restaurants, art galleries, souvenir shops, and a working harbor with ships passing by are sights to take in while enjoying the fun — with a paddle boat cruise also available. The traveler can bring a to-go alcoholic drink as they meander along this riverwalk after a hearty southern meal.

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  • Schuylkill River Trail, Philadelphia

    Schuylkill River Trail, Philadelphia

    A 30-mile trail along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, this walk goes from the area of Center City in Philly, through Valley Forge National Park, to a different city named Parker Ford. Around the main part of Center City is a raised concrete pathway, the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk, with four scenic spots to absorb the scene of the river and the Philly skyline.

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  • Detroit International Riverwalk

    Detroit International Riverwalk

    With a total length of about 5 miles, the Detroit International Riverwalk has been selected as the number one riverwalk in the US for multiple years. Not only is the view one for the traveler to enjoy but there’s plenty to do along the way — including lots for kids. Fountains can be splashed around in, a splash park just for kids can let the kids get the energy out, and a carousel to ride for classic children’s fun.

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  • San Antonio Riverwalk

    San Antonio Riverwalk

    A gem found in the middle of a Texas city, the San Antonio Riverwalk is the largest urban ecosystem in the US. This tree-lined river takes about 5-6 hours to walk from one end to the other, meaning that there are more than enough stops along the way for a serene walk. Restaurants, bars, and shopping line the well-manicured banks. The traveler can even cruise down the river on a small boat. Even stopping to sit on a bench here is an experience in relaxation and culture.

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  • Breckenridge’s Riverwalk

    Breckenridge’s Riverwalk

    One of the highest riverwalks in the world, this stroll in Colorado is at 9,600 ft above sea level. This means that the walk is not only next to a pleasantly flowing river and cobblestone-style banks, but there are also mountains on the horizon to accentuate the view. Blue River Plaza is a point of interest for the traveler as well, the centerpiece of the riverwalk and historic area of Breckenridge.

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  • Boise River Greenbelt

    Boise River Greenbelt

    The Boise River Greenbelt runs 25 miles along a pathway lined with trees. Calm Idaho forests surround the pace of a leisurely walk. Part of a birding trail, natural habitats for many animal species can be found along the path. Not your typical riverwalk, but one for those seeking a slow experience.

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  • Greenville Riverwalk

    Greenville Riverwalk

    Built along the Reedy River that runs through downtown Greenville, this South Carolina riverwalk has been ranked in the top 10 by travel publications. The falls are man-made falls that span between the banks of the Reedy — with a colorfully lit pedestrian bridge running over the falls. While checking out the falls, the traveler can experience live music and outdoor art.

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  • Vancouver Waterfront

    Vancouver Waterfront

    The 2-mile-long Vancouver, Washington, riverwalk runs along the Columbia River. The entire length has restaurants and shops to enjoy, as well as the centerpiece the Grant Street Pier. Found also near the path is The Headwaters Wall in a grassy park, a small and interactive water park for kids. Off the riverwalk is the 5-mile-long Waterfront Renaissance Trail that connects to the park and crosses a land bridge to end up in Vancouver’s urban center.

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  • Waterfront Park, Louisville

    Waterfront Park, Louisville

    Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky, is an astounding 85 acres of parks and trees that run down the Ohio River. The traveler will be surrounded by subtle architecture and green as far as the eye can see. Different areas feature parks, walkways, playgrounds, public art, and even boat launches for the aquatic-oriented traveler.

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  • New Orleans Riverwalk

    New Orleans Riverwalk

    Where the mighty Mississippi River passes by the dynamic city of New Orleans is the New Orleans Riverwalk. It runs along the famous French Quarter district and features a mall, plenty of walking opportunities, and even a large aquarium. Here, the sound of music is always heard, and delicious cajun food is found throughout the walk. To-go alcoholic beverages on the street are encouraged, and the traveler can stop for the fried dessert beignets while taking in this marvelous city.

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